The Prophet


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The Prophet

by Hassan Abdulrazzak
Binding: PaperBack | Page extent: 96

ISBN: 9781849434492

It’s January 28th 2011 and Egypt stands on the brink. For Layla and Hisham, a young couple living in downtown Cairo, a dictatorial and corrupt government is only one of their problems. As the world shifts, cataclysmically, around them, some long hidden secrets threaten to emerge and tear them apart. Based on extensive interviews in Cairo with revolutionaries and soldiers, journalists and cab drivers, this new drama depicts both a revolution in progress and the society from which it sprang. 


'Visceral, verbally dextrous, edgy, exciting, darkly humorous and downright riveting... not to be missed’ – What’s On Stage

‘The text of The Prophet is bright, sexy, dirty, critical, sarcastic and beautifully wrought. It buzzes with psychological insight and radical references; Abdulrazzak’s confident storytelling is faultless, and this play about betrayal and moral courage comes in the guise of a thriller.' - Aleks Sierz, The Arts Desk

"Employs some of the techniques of documentary theatre, incorporating testimony from protesters and witnesses... vividly delivered... gripping’ – Evening Standard

“a gripping non-stop ninety minutes that mixes humour with visceral excitement… [Abdulrazzak's] writing brilliantly captures the feelings and the fears that accompany the Arab Spring” – British Theatre Guide

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